Spike Recorder FAQ

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Do I have to use Spike Recorder to record my data?

No, if you are using the blue or green cable to connect, you can use any program that can record audio, such as Audacity. Keep in mind that the Plant SpikerBox uses amplitude modulation (AM) with a 5kHz carrier signal, that is removed in Spike Recorder.

If you are connecting via USB, you can load the data directly into your own program as well.
Implementation Guide for SpikerBox Host Software
Example Python Script

All I'm recording is background audio!

If you are getting a lot of noise in Spike Recorder, it’s likely that it is recording from your device’s microphone, and that it hasn’t connected to your SpikerBox. You can test this by clapping near your device, and seeing if the graph responds.
If you are connecting via USB, you should see this symbol:
If not, try to follow this order of steps: Turn on the SpikerBox → Turn on the SpikeRecorder App → Connect the SpikerBox to the computer via USB.

The green smartphone cable should be used on devices with a single combined microphone/headphone port, like tablets, newer laptops, or smartphones have.