Reaserch Papers

Here are a few publicly available articles that have used, or are related to SpikerBoxes

A low-cost computational approach to analyze spiking activity in cockroach sensory neurons

Development of low-cost cardiac and skeletal muscle laboratory activities to teach physiology concepts and the scientific method

Developing and Implementing Low-Cost Remote Laboratories for Undergraduate Biology and Neuroscience Courses

Open-box muscle-computer interface: introduction to human-computer interactions in bioengineering, physiology, and neuroscience courses

Optimization and Testing of the Design of a Neural Probe Device

Grasshopper DCMD: An Undergraduate Electrophysiology Lab for Investigating Single-Unit Responses to Behaviorally-Relevant Stimuli

Establishing the relationship between shifting spatial attention and sympathetic nervous system activity

If you find or make any new examples, let us know!